Is Android 6 Marshmallow the Best OS?

What is best thing about Android phones? Why people loves this open source OS too much? Answer lies in the fact that Google is behind all these. Google has always surprized us with its Android OS updates adding mesmerizing features each time. Click To Tweet Once more it’s proved with new Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Android… Read More »

What is 4G – Do We Really Need It?

Mobile technologies have evolved too much in past few years. Smartphone companies are coming with the high end hardware to fulfill user’s requirement. Everybody is running against the time these days. Smartphones are no more luxury, they becomes a necessity these days. Click To Tweet Boundaries between desktop and smartphone are shattered and people expect… Read More »

Do You Want Those Golden Days Back?

If you have already started earning bread butter, then you must be in that phase of life which we usually refer boring. We remember those golden days of school and college when we were free to do lots of things along with studies. Playing cricket in the evening, participating in cycle race at weekends, playing… Read More »

What is Social Media – A Boon or Curse?

I believe that social media don’t need an introduction at this stage. We are living in a world which is incomplete without social media these days.  Social media becomes an inseparable part of our daily life. What is Social Media? If we go by the definition then according to Wikipedia: Social media are computer-mediated tools… Read More »